On-line courses


Our on-line courses, interactive workshops and webinars are all individually designed using a combination of the following teaching styles and technologies:


  • On-line presentational: may include synchronous (realtime) presentations and/or playback.
  • Individual mentoring: feedback & consultation with the course mentor via email, audio/video chat...
  • Live on-line interaction with peers, tutors & mentors: participative webinars, forums, news groups, audio/video chat...
  • Auto-evaluation: Various types of interactive tests enable the students to assess their own progress.
  • Evaluation by mentor: assignments submitted electronically and corrected by the course mentor.

By combining the advantages offered by video with animated screens and other technological expertise, we make our on-line presentational courses fun to watch as well as informative. The student feels as if he is participating in a masterclass where the expert addresses him directly through the window of his computer monitor.


And with the live interaction offered by online workshops, webinars and video chat sessions, we can offer the advantages of presential learning though a standard home computer set-up.


Our interactive web-based sessions are short (up to an hour) with a maximum of six students; they may take the form of interviews, readings, masterclass presentations etc.

Presential courses


Most of our on-line courses are also available in the format of traditional presential courses including:

  • Participative classroom teaching.
  • One-to-one tutoring or small groups.
  • Customised materials.
  • Assignments and evaluations.

Please contact us for further details.








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